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Most stainless steel types can be successfully electropolished.  Electropolishing is an electro-chemical process, using relatively low voltage which provides a smoothed surface that optimizes the corrosion resistance of the substrate and provides a more uniform, cosmetic finish. 

Electropolishing is generally accomplished in a solution comprised of phosphoric and sulfuric acids.  The process is very effective in removing contamination and debris left from mechanical treatments or machining.  

Electropolish is very effective as a form of corrosion resistance as electropolished surfaces should be fully passive.  It is also effective for use on complex shapes where mechanical polishing is difficult or impossible to achieve. 



  • Removes machining burrs with a lower risk of entrapped surface contamination such as snagged lint, etc..
  • Improves surface cleanliness compared to mechanically finished surfaces.
  • Provides lower surface stress by eliminating “micro cracks” on the surface of the material.